We're happy to welcome Eloy in our Shackadelic Sounds family.

Psytrance is non-binary, psytrance oscillates within and outside the spectrum somewhere between driving and bouncy, between dark and funny, between woody and metallic. Somewhere there ELOY also wanders.

ELOY's journey began sometime 7 years ago. Back then, psytrance was a whole new, fascinating, empowering but also respect-inspiring world for ELOY. In all the various expeditions of discovery and battles with their own demons, a psychedelic warrior was born and they named this character ELOY. Since then, ELOY has been dancing, exploring and fighting their way through a world of colourful lights and dark shadows. One day, it was the year 2018, in the midst of several 10,000 people, in the heart of the Portuguese desert planet, ELOY decided to turn these experiences into music.

In November 2018 ELOY started with the first beats in Ableton.

In 2020, ELOY co-founded the Dresden-based FLINTA* producer collective "FLIMMERGRENZE".

Since 2021, ELOY has been an insider tip and has been on the road at several small parties as well as small and large festivals. In 2023, ELOY switched the setup to hybrid-live-DJ-sets and has been bringing a lot of joy to the audience and themself.

ELOY's style is nightpsy - dark, but with a promising wink.

Are you ready to break the tight chains of constructed social norms with ELOY, dance yourself free and go on exciting journeys?