Parivara is a collective of musicians, artists and friends, first partly based in Oldenburg, now from whole Germany. This collective was founded, to support ambitioned artists and collectives. The first ambition was to individualize the club scene of Oldenburg but now they are producing ass kicking events in whole Germany.


Kepotopia e.V. was founded in August 2019 and is based in Kepotopia, a green oasis in the south of Leipzig. The association members organize events, especially in the field of art and culture.
The annual highlight is a five-day festival offering music, art, workshops and wellness. The festival is characterized by a family atmosphere and a close bond among the participants. Musically, a wide spectrum is played on three floors. From techno and house to psytrance, hitech, downtempo and ambient, handmade music is also part of the program. In addition, workshops, ceremonies and bodywork will be practiced. Be it yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies and much more. The program is rounded off by vegan/vegetarian food and a wellness oasis where sauna, hot tub and massages are offered.


Welcome to Hafen35, the electronic sound cosmos from Bremen! 
We are a unique music collective that explores the boundaries of Goa and Techno with pulsating beats and hyponotic melodies. With passion and innovative sounds, we take our audience on audiovisual adventure journeys. Our DJs and producers are masters of rhythm and create atmospheric worlds that enchant the senses. Together we form an inviting, pulsating community for electronic music lovers. Immerse yourself in our musical fusion and get swept away by our energetic events! Welcome to Klangoase, where dreams are transformed into sound. 


The Traum B collective was founded in Bremen in 2022 from a small group of friends interested in music. This has set itself the goal to create and support subculture. The musical focus is on techno, trance and the common goal to organize events out of love for the scene and the city. This also developed into the name Dream B. Techno and Trance - Space - Bremen = Dream B, which also stands for an alternative dream.

Most events from the collective take place under Bremen's open-air party law. Thus, the events are not commercial events. They are free and based entirely on donations. With the idea of classic Umsonst & Draußen events, everyone should have access to the scene.

Apart from the "normal" events, there are also the dream journeys from Dream B. These small parades move on a previously published route through Bremen and are of course musically supported. With a nice walk "dance" it goes here towards the sunset and further through the night. These events are also free and outside!



We are a collective of young artists who have dedicated their lives to music, hosting events and generating positive energy. Our ambition is to produce high quality music, as well as to mix and package that of other artists into mixtapes and live recordings. Our ambition is to give the listener a certain feeling. A feeling of love, longing and warmth, as well as of the wild, dark and abstract sides of life. 

Why the name "We Change The Weather"? The name represents an inner movement within each of us. Of course, we do not possess supernatural abilities to change the weather. However, with the mouthpiece of the almost infinite power of electronic music, we can reach ourselves and other living beings on this planet and present them an image of charity, sustainable treatment of the environment, nature and respectful interaction with each other. Our goal is to simply radiate positive vibes and energies into the universe, and for the moment of our events and sets, create a sense of joy, community and hope in sometimes really difficult days of our existence. These qualities are quite capable of positively impacting the weather and climate to some extent! For this hopeful project, we have launched a new podcast called "No Lack of Hope" and will periodically bring you music from artists who share and live this philosophy! We Change The Weather!



In February 2023, a new music label entered the electronic music scene. music scene. With a focus on electronic dance music, this label has quickly label quickly made a name for itself as a platform and springboard for up-and-coming producers, DJs and live acts.

Their first release marked the beginning of an exciting journey that the label is now tirelessly continuing. From atmospheric psytrance melodies, rhythmic house sounds and pulsating techno beats pulsating techno beats, Waldo-Records presents a diverse range of artists and sounds that constantly redefine the boundaries of electronic music again and again.

What sets the crew apart is not only their commitment to new talent, but also their vision of a supportive and creative community. community. Through workshops, mentoring and networking events the label not only offers its artists a platform for their music music, but also the opportunity to develop and learn from each other. and to learn from each other.