Parivara is a collective of musicians, artists and friends, first partly based in Oldenburg, now from whole Germany. This collective was founded, to support ambitioned artists and collectives. The first ambition was to individualize the club scene of Oldenburg but now they are producing ass kicking events in whole Germany.


Reality also refers to the totality of the whole - something that does not depend on the desires and beliefs of an individual. From the idea of another form of the whole a collective emerged, which understood not only as a platform for the whole range of psychedelic art, but also as a valuable community. The community sees itself as a group of different artists in which the living together and the mutual promotion of individual artists is one of the principles. What emerged as a free collective focusing on newcomer artists evolved over time into an agency and part of the label Binary Audio Machinery Records. New form - old values. The whole of the group is still in the foreground and so formed a format that includes the entire range of psychedelic art. From the musical DJ to the creating painter. Only the individual arts make this community what it is today and what it will stand for in the future.