Shackadelic Sounds is a label of electronic dance music from Bremen, which hosts DJs and producers of different directions of progressive and psychedelic trance and organizes events. It was founded in 2014 by a group of friends from Bremen and Berlin. The first step was to create a party series, which was to be an opportunity for nice evenings with friends to dance through the nights. The regular events were a great success and the artists were motivated to continue making music independently of their own events. Finally the label was born.

Shackadelic Sounds is characterized by hard sound in different styles of psytrance, which are often accompanied by playful highlights and let the listener drift into a magical world and forget the everyday life for a moment. 

Besides their own events, DJs and producers can be booked for events and festivals. We are also always looking for new cool sounds. So if you think that we should definitely listen to your tracks, just get in touch.